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Kalika is the new face of experimental rock” – Rocking Charts, 2019

“Transformative and unifying music” – ProgSphere, 2019

“It could be said that Maastricht’s Kalika is one of the rare bands on today’s rock scene that bring such a fruitful mixture of progressive/experimental rock and dark, psychedelic rock” – Progstravaganza, 2019

“Brilliant is not enough to describe the second outing from the international experimental rock quartet Kalika… Rarely does a release come around that is as powerful as this. ” – Rocking Charts review of “Data Religion”, 2019

Kalika’s first podcast interview with Frank Burton:“Frank talks to Prannay Sastry from Kalika,  one of the best new bands around at the moment.”

PROG Magazine issue 96 (March 5, 2019) pg. 22 – Article Title Kalika: Frontman Prannay Sastry’s international four-piece are united by their spiritual home in the Netherlands”

Poison Mouth releases on ProgSphere
Kalika‘s first MUSIC VIDEO is released “My Friends are Virgins” (demo 2018 version)


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